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Fucoidan Pure



Fucoidan Pure is a combination of a certified organic, fucoidan rich undaria pinnatifida extract and certified organic organic wakame powder to give you a highly bioactive seaweed powder.

  • Provide 350mg of pure, organic, water extracted fucoidan.
  • Provide key trace-elements and minerals
  • Support a healthy life
  • Good source of gut friendly dietary fibre


Fucoidan Pure is a fucoidan rich undaria pinnatifida organic seaweed extract, combined with an organic wakame powder to give you a highly bioactive seaweed powder.

In nature, fucoidan protects seaweed from harmful infections and bacteria found in the ocean. Extensive research on the effects of its bioactivity have shown it may mirror these effects when consumed by humans. Fucoidan Pure is a combination of a high purity, organic fucoidan extract and a bioactive wholefood, mekabu powder. Hand harvested seaweeds from Patagonia and Tasmania are standardized using world leading water extraction technology to give an organic, clean source fucoidan rich powder. Recommended serve of 1.5g (half a teaspoon) per day can be added to water or any other cold beverage.

To help boost your daily magnesium and calcium intake, we’ve included an organic source of red seaweed powder that is harvested off the coast of Ireland. Rich in calcium, magnesium and 74 trace elements, red seaweed is a nutrionally dense addition to Fucoidan Pure that suits the daily health and wellbeing needs.

Fucoidan Pure contains only Organic Undaria Pinnatifida fucoidan rich extract powder plus organic hand harvested wakame powder and mineral rich, clean ocean source red seaweed powder. This blend of high purity fucoidan, iodine rich organic wakame powder and calcium and magnesium rich red seaweed powder is a wonderful addition to anyone’s daily routine looking to feel the benefits of seaweed and bioactivity of fucoidan.

 Serving suggestion: We recommend a daily serve of half a teaspoon (1.5 grams) of Fucoidan Pure per day. It can be mixed in with a very small amount of water (50ml or less) or added to a scoop of yoghurt. Because the powder doesn't dissolve in water, it does require some practice. The taste is slightly salty with the usual umami taste of seaweed. 




Organic Undaria Pinnatifida fucoidan containing seaweed powder, organic wakame powder, red seaweed powder

Nutritional information

Serving size

1.5g of dried seaweed powder

Nutritional details

Ave. quantity per serve

Average quantity per 100g


30 kj / 7 calories

1010 kj / 241 calories




Fat, total



Carbohydrates, total



- Sugars



Dietary Fibre, total