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Collagen Powder - Beauty Boost


Wild caught collagen

Multifaceted skin loving formulation

Vital nutrients for collagen absorption


Bursting with beauty boosting ingredients, our Collagen Beauty Boost is the most comprehensive ingestible beauty powder available.

Each of our active ingredients are included in functional amounts, in line with the leading human clinical research. In a delicious pomegranate and wild berry flavour and including 2.5g of pure marine collagen, 300mg of whole food vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, digestive enzymes and prebiotic fibre.

Our gut is intrinsically linked to our skin, with the health of our gut microbiome acting as a major regulator of our gut-skin axis. Further to this, gut health is pivotal for nutrient retention and proper absorption of nutrients. For this reason we've included prebiotic fibre, digestive enzymes and vitamin C to feed your gut microbiome and boost the absorption of the marine collagen.  


Scoop one teaspoon (5g) into cold water or coconut water. Stir vigorously and enjoy. 



  • Wild marine collagen sourced from Norwegian cod

  • Organic super berry blend (Pomegranate, acerola cherry, raspberry, elderberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, cranberry, goji berry, acai)

  • Prebiotic fibre (acacia gum)

  • Seabuckthorn

  • Digestive enzymes

  • Natural wild berry flavour

  • Monk fruit powder

ALL collagen isn’t skin loving

The source and type of collagen determines its ability to improve your skin. The collagen we use in beauty boost is from wild fish and contains type 1 & 3 collagen. Most collagen is either sourced from farmed Vietnamese Catfish or cow hides. Bovine collagen is great, but less easily absorbed and is helpful for joints and cartilage rather than the skin.

100% naturally produced

Collagen within our entire beauty range is processed from sustainably sourced, wild caught Norwegian fish. The end product is produced in an entirely natural manufacturing process, using food grade enzymes. Other marine collagen is processed using hydrochloric acid.

Skin loves vitamin C

And so does collagen. Vitamin C increases collagen’s absorption plus is a superpower for skin’s health. The blend of vitamin C and zinc rich ingredients give the collagen (and your skin) the best chance of absorbing the good stuff.

Gut-skin axis

Our gut and skin are intrinsically linked with our gut microbiome acting as a regulator of our gut-skin axis. We’ve included prebiotic fibre and digestive enzymes to feed your gut the goodies it needs to thrive.

Antioxidant power

We’ve included a blend of our favourite superfood ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. These ingredients have all been tested for their ORAC levels, to ensure you’re getting the best.

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