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Collagen Hot Chocolate - Beauty Rest


Wild caught collagen

Sleep promoting

Adaptogenic herbs to ease stress


This hot chocolate from Frank Simple is a blend of delicious organic Cacao and sustainably caught Marine Collagen, with added Passionflower, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Ashwaganda to help enhance your sleep.

We all know the importance of a good night's rest and how difficult it can be to have a restful sleep. What we consume prior to bedtime can sometimes impact the quality of your sleep and make you restless. This hot chocolate blend is a guilt-free treat that can be enjoyed before bed.

Made with sustainably caught, European marine collagen. Contains 4g of pure marine collagen.  


Mixed with your choice of hot milk or water. 


  • Organic & raw cacao powder

  • Wild caught marine collagen (4000mg)

  • Organic chamomile

  • Organic ashwaganda

  • Organic passionflower

  • Lemon balm

  • Natural chocolate flavour

  • Cinnamon

  • Monk fruit powder

ALL collagen isn’t skin loving

The source and type of collagen determines its ability to improve your skin. The collagen we use in beauty boost is from wild fish and contains type 1 & 3 collagen. Most collagen is either sourced from farmed Vietnamese Catfish or cow hides. Bovine collagen is great, but less easily absorbed and is helpful for joints and cartilage rather than the skin.

100% naturally produced

Collagen within our entire beauty range is processed from sustainably sourced, wild caught Norwegian fish. The end product is produced in an entirely natural manufacturing process, using food grade enzymes. Other marine collagen is processed using hydrochloric acid.

Sleepy time

Our diets play an integral role in our sleep patterns. We’ve included a range of foods and adaptogenic herbs that have a tradition and scientific evidence of promoting more restful sleep.

Beauty from within

We believe that ingestible collagen is the most effective way to replace our depleting collagen stores. The source of our collagen and human clinical trials give us confidence to share a truly effective and 100% natural ingestible beauty powder.

Stress less

Ashwaganda is a traditional medicine that is best known for it’s stress lowering effects. Many studies around the world have backed up these traditional uses, with daily doses of 125mg to 5g per day showing to decrease cortisol levels by 11-32%.

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