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It's collagen that keeps our skin firm and youthful. Ingestible beauty has become popular in recent years and collagen is one category at the centre of this. The source and type of collagen is however not always clearly indicated and we believe it should be. 

Our Wild Marine Collagen comes from sustainably sourced wild Norwegian fish and is created with one goal; to give the purest and most natural form of collagen. 

Marine collagen contains type 1 collagen which most closely resembles the collagen found in our skin, hence the suitability of marine collagen to be included in any beauty routine. 

Our wild marine collagen contains 180g of pure collagen that can be added to smoothies, coffee, açai bowls or any other hot or cold liquid. The neutral taste doesn't alter the flavour of your drink and it dissolves perfectly. 

Add two teaspoons (5g) to a beverage once or twice a day for best results. 


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18 kcal

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ALL collagen isn’t skin loving

The source and type of collagen determines its ability to improve your skin. The collagen we use in beauty boost is from wild fish and contains type 1 & 3 collagen. Most collagen is either sourced from farmed Vietnamese Catfish or cow hides. Bovine collagen is great, but less easily absorbed and is helpful for joints and cartilage rather than the skin.

100% naturally produced

Collagen within our entire beauty range is processed from sustainably sourced, wild caught Norwegian fish. The end product is produced in an entirely natural manufacturing process, using food grade enzymes. Other marine collagen is processed using hydrochloric acid.

Best value

As a manufacturer of all our own products, we have a direct relationship with all of our own suppliers and are able to supply premium products at competitive prices. Our wild marine collagen is unrivalled for price per serve.

Beauty from within

We believe that ingestible collagen is the most effective way to replace our depleting collagen stores. The source of our collagen, purity of this product and human clinical trials give us confidence to share a truly effective and 100% natural ingestible beauty powder.

Evidence based

Over the past decade, mounting evidence has found that consistent dietary use of marine collagen can improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and remove skin pigmentation.

Amino powder

Glycine, lysine and proline are three individual amino acids essential for collagen production. Great news, our wild marine collagen is brimming with all three. 

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