Hi, we're Frank Simple.

Our goal is to provide you with information and products that cut through the buzzwords and pseudo-science to give you a range of functional products that help to plug the nutritional gaps that may exist in our daily lives. 

Simply put, we don't get enough of the good stuff. 1 in 10 Australian's eat enough fruit and vegetables per day, 35% of the population are deficient in dietary fibre, 42% of the population are overweight and 28% of the population are obese. 

The complex interplay between food and other risk factors and disease make it difficult to assess the contribution of diet to ill health.

In an optimal diet, the supply of required energy and nutrients is adequate for tissue maintenance, repair and growth. The proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals required to maintain the human body in good health are met by eating a wide variety of nutritious foods.

Other lifestyle factors and choices we make influence our health. Most of these are obvious to us these days - don't smoke, consume sugar and trans fats in moderation, drink alcohol in moderation, exercise and get adequate sleep. Our blog will share with our community a range of tricks and tips that we think can assist us to make healthier choices for ourselves and help to give our wellness the best chance possible. 

We do not like being preached to by businesses so we will always try to deliver information in a friendly, simple and frank way. If we don't, we welcome you to contact us to tell us how we can improve. The key to life is self improvement and we are looking to improve just as much as the next person. 

Take care, 

Frank Simple